111116 "The Obama health and wellness legacy"

Like millions of Americans I am quite nervous about what the new Trump administration may do in the years to come. This election heralded in the views of many who want sweeping change because they are fed up with government, inaction and gridlock. I don't blame them. Things at the top level of government move slow, especially in areas that have such polarizing opinions like health, science and the environment. 

But my question is about the legacy that the present administaration will leave on health policy and the positive steps that have taken place over the course of 8 years. What will be remembered? What have they done? What is in jeopardy of being changed once Trump comes in? 

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are two of the fittest presidential couples that the US has ever seen. I remember years ago hearing about how Michelle grew up battling on the basketball court with brothers and friends, something that Barack enjoyed as well. They were the first to plant a garden at the White House that was an actual working garden for the kitchen in the White House. The first family showed that it wasn't just about roses anymore!

Michelle Obama in particular has spent her entire time in office devoted to the 'Let's Move" campaign. This movement has produced substantial change for the health of our population and more importantly, for our kids. From the dinner table at home to the healthy choices in schools, to the abolition of food deserts in urban areas, this administration made substantial change that can be seen today. 

If you would like to see more about 'Let's Move", visit the link HERE 

Not only in action were the Obama's devoted to health and nutrition. Policies that have made it through congress because of the passion of the couple have shaped the Farm Bill, Public Parks, and even National Parks. 

Today we bite our nails about what may come in terms of health policy and environmental policy. The Trumps are not at all pillars of health even though that subject was touted during the campaign. So I wonder? Will the legacy be carried on? Will our kids keep getting the resources and benefits of science and health to keep us strong and fight obesity? 

Hindsight is funny like this. Looking back and appreciating the good that was overlooked during the struggle. Like all presidential families the Obamas were put front and center and they delivered as a model family. Michelle and Obama did real good things and put things in motion for our country and our youth. Lets keep our eyes open and fight the good fight to ensure that we keep progressing over the next 4 years and the legacy remains..

IN Honor Of Verterans Day, For all those who have given so much so we can enjoy what we have.


Five rounds for time of:
15' Rope climb, 3 ascents
10 Toes to bar
21 Walking lunge steps with 45lb plate held overhead
Run 400 meters

101116 "Controlled Breathing"

Being present in the moment goes a long way too developing a clearer understanding and control of the present environment. Providing clarity to your present position can provide a great stress relief and truly put thing in perspective. 

One path towards awareness is by controlling your breath. Today the NY Times published an article about the practice. You can read it HERE.

If you are in a workout the control of breath can lead to maximum efficiency and better performance. many times taking the brain away from the strain of training and putting it on your breathing can mitigate pain, struggle and stress. Especially in the realm of CrossFit. 

Controlled breathing is one way to engage in your daily meditation. Following a breathing sequence or simply being present in your breath does wonders for the wondering mind. If you are like me, physical training is a meditation . When I am not training, pausing a few times per day to focus on my breath brings the greater world back into focus. This focus puts perspective on things in life, hence the meditation. 

Homework in this case is simple. You do not need to train your diet or sacrifice certain things in your life. You just need to pay attention to your breathing, an act that you do unconsciously anyways! Give it a shot and lets expand our mind and consciousness for the better!

50 DB Deadlift (55/35lbs)
15 Muscle Ups
50 DB Hang Power Clean (55/35lbs)
30 DB Deadlift
8 Muscle Ups
30 DB Hang Power Clean
10 DB Deadlift
4 Muscle Ups
10 DB Hang Power Clean

091116 "5 Ways top avoid Heavy Metals"

Humans are like dogs. We walk around in all kinds of random places, picking up things and investing them along the way. One risk that we humans deal with is consuming and being exposed to Heavy metals. 

No I don't mean Sepultura or Megadeth. This stuff is way harder with names that you know well; Mercury, Arsenic, Lead among the many that are out there. You can be exposed not just by eating it but simply being around it, breathing and even having it touch your skin. Either way, it is important that you take these following precautions to keep yourself healthy. What you will notice is how these same rules apply to possibly everything else that you should do to keep yourself healthy and disease free.

1) Drink Filtered Water. Heavy metals have been used for generations in production, paints, and sometimes they occur naturally in the ground upon which you live. As does all things heavy, these metals seep into the ground water. The ground water is pumped into collection tanks and distributed to our homes for consumption and use. Remember Flint, Michigan? This is a prim example of Lead pipes creating a massive health crisis due to heavy metal poisoning. Though some Filtered water systems are perhaps better than others; most remove a high level of contaminants before you pour a glass to drink. 
2) Eat Organic. A notorious pathway of heavy metal exposure is through pesticide and herbicide use on our plants and vegetables. Eating Organic fruits and veggies removes much of the worry about herbicides which is one of the main reasons to buy such products. Since most vegetables come from massive farms where perhaps more than one crop is grown, the risk is there as the metals can reside in the soil and are transferred to the crops. 
3) Keep up on your calcium and Zinc. Metals are vital to your body. Our muscles, and skeletal system literally rely on them for growth and repair. When we are deficient in calcium, zinc, sodium, and potassium then our body reaches for anything to fill the void. Lead and Mercury are free floating metals in the body and are just waiting to bind with other things. So this a good reason to make sure your levels are always on point through nutrition and supplementation. 
4) Consume the right fish. The rule is... the bigger, older and more predatory the fish.. the more mercury it contains. Fish like salmon, halibut, sardines and pollock are good as they are smaller, younger and generally less predatory. Stay away from swordfish and mackerel. Mercury is prevelant in our seas naturally and more directly from pollution and run off. Fish has amazing health benefits but we must be smart about eating the right kinds and amounts. 
5) Take Fish oil and eat plenary Omega-3's. Fats are what Heavy Metals bind to in the body. Just as with other supplements, pairing them with a fat like coconut or olive oil can help with absorption. In the case of Heavy Metals, your body will be able to dispose of the metals by making sure there are adequate healthy fats in your system to flush them out. Omega-6 laden diets can actually cause more disease by aiding in the binding and absorption of certain metals in the body which is another reason why cancer happens more in certain populations. 

Simple tests done at your doctors office can help you see if you are heavy on the metal! In fact while you are there you can order a simple blood panel and get the whole vehicle checked out in one shot! 

Be conscious of what you are exposing your body to, keep raging hard and lets head bang to the metal... not eat it!

Skill Development:
Jerk Balance

Split Squats




041116 "Peppermint Oil Benefits"

Last night I was rifling through a bag of goodies that a friend gave me when I came across a bottle of peppermint body oil. Intrigued, I opened it and immediately dropped the bottle; and spilled it on myself. 

Figuring it was a good time to try the stuff out I rubbed it on my skin and was instantly shocked at how it gave me not only a aromatic boost, but it seemed to dissipate the soreness that I had in my neck from lifting so much weight :). 

Immediately I did what I always do, went to work doing research on the stuff. What I found was awesome and now I can say that this oil is going to be a new staple in my growing oil pantry... 

1) Reduces muscle Soreness. Peppermint oil has a natural cooling and numbing quality that can be applied to muscles in the same way icy hot or other similar creams are.

2) Boosts athletic performance. In the Journal of Sports Physiology a study was noted that when a baseline group of athletes were given peppermint oil in their water as well as placed on their skin during exercise and dyer to the aromatic effects they were able to perform 20% more work than when the athletes had no exposure to the oil. That's pretty cool.

3) Peppermint oil is a natural Bug repellent. As with most natural oils, there is an added benefit of being anti-fungal,  anti-microbial, and generally good to put on skin. Though you don't want to overdo it for the sake of those who have to be around you and the potency of the oil itself on your skin... go ahead and enjoy smelling good and keeping nasty critters off you at the same time. 

Essential oils are peaking my interest lately for the health benefits that each can deliver. The connotation for me around essential oils has always been super crunchy hippie but not anymore. Both in your gut and on your skin, essential oils can be an everyday standard for you and your home. 

Do your homework? Each does have its own set of benefits and cautions. Stay evolving and thrive


Find 1 Rm Clean and Jerk

031116 "Green bananas make you skinny"

In the past week you have probably been to the grocery store, checked out the bananas on display and legitimately made a decision about eating (or not eating) bananas this week.  Simply, bananas are as much of a staple in the american diet as coke. In fact, as I have written about in my Blog a while ago; the distribution supply chain for bananas and coke are very similar. 

But this post is not about consumerism and marketing. This is about your health. And what I want to let you in on is the benefits that Green-ish bananas can give you. In particular, how green bananas can make you skinny. 

Bananas are like many other fruits and vegetables, they ripen over time. Beginning as hard, small and very green; bananas go through stages of sweetening and softening. Well... as the process of ripening happens and the bananas actually become edible, there is a sweet spot when the starchy  fruit is actually high in what is called 'resistant fiber'. 

Resistant Fiber does two things :
1) Processes through the Gut without absorption. Just like many fiber filled veggies, the body cannot digest them and so are passed on down the intestines. This process keeps many other things moving down the Gut which keeps bad stuff from hitting the Gut and keeps your blood sugar low. 
2) Feeds your Gut Bacteria. Even though your Gut itself cannot absorb the fiber, your GOOD Bacteria love it! Good Bacteria are essential for regulating your metabolism and hormones. IUmagine your bacteria as Gut sweepers, cleaning out the digestive system of all the crap that may build up. 

And it is all from bananas! Too ripe and the starchy fruit becomes glucose spiking and bacteria inhibiting . So as soon as those suckers look like they wont taste like chalk in your mouth, snack em. YOu will get a potent nutrient dose as well as Gut supporting fiber and fuel!!


Buy In: 2min Max Candlesticks

15 Parallete Pass Throughs
10 Over/Unders
3 Rounds

Buy out: 2min Max Weighted Situps

021116 "The Perfect bedtime Snack"

Sleep is the king of Recovery. When you shut your eyes and pass away to dream state, your body goes to work burg time. From Muscle rebuilding to hormone balancing, the body is on a mission for every vital minute so it is important to give it the nutrients and the time it needs to stay in top shape!

Timing out your sleep has definitively been set at an optimal 8 hours per night. Does that happen? Yeah... maybe not. With kids, work, blogging latenight... it all cuts into you time so first and foremost try and and adjust your schedule to allow for calm and relaxing sleep to begin as the sun goes down. 

To aid in your relaxation and sleep cycle to begin I recommend this Bedtime snack as a way to make sure you are fueled and calm when you close your eyes. 

1) 350-500mg of magnesium.
2) 1200mg of fish oil.
3) 20 g of Casein Protein. (Slow digesting protein that lasts through the night)
4) 1/4 cup blueberries W/ 1/2 cup cottage cheese or plain Greek yogurt. 

The list omits any added sugar for good reason. Blood sugar spikes at night time will do the same thing as alcohol to your sleep cycle and midnight insomnia. Restful sleep that is uninterrupted is the key to recovery. If your hormones and metabolism are racing to adjust then your sleep cycles are inevitably going to be disrupted. 

The berries will keep your sweet tooth satisfied without spiking your blood sugar and the protein will digest slowly so that your muscles and brain recover with needed protein and fat! Get stoked for longer nights with this bedtime snacks and Netflix!

5 BB Push Press (75/55lbs)
6 Toes to Bar
7 Thruster (75/55lbs)
EMOM for as long as possible

311016 "The art of Loving Kindness"

As most of you know I spend most of my weekends up on the Tough Mudder Warm Up Stage. My goal is to motivate, inspire and generally develop an awareness of what the participants are about to engage in. One topic that resonates through each of my 30 Warm Up Speeches is, "Get to know your fellow runners." 

What I speak about is my desire for each participant to speak to and REALLY listen to the other runners on the course. The outcome is a greater undersanding of each other and subsequently, more compassion for each and everyone around them. Instead of pursuing personal goals of achievement; seeking to better someone else's experience, because, in turn your reward will be infinitely more fulfilling. 

So much of the human experience today is about quick and personal satisfaction. After a week spent in New York this is very apparent. Each soul seems to be rushing from place to place, never even raising an eye for the others a whom they cross paths with. What if just once during your day you just stopped, truly asked how someone was and what drives them to do what they do? I can tell you from meeting as many people as I have that the answers are absolutely astounding. 

Life is complex, painful, enlightening, tough, and blissful. The stories that define each of us are as unique as anything of our physical selves. Loving Kindness is a state of selfless being that really has more to do with being present than is does with being totally loving and kind at all times. 

Selfless living is tough for many. We worry about ourselves, our families, our debts. It happens. it is part of being human. Loving Kindness is like a vacation from that worry. To be present enough to smile graciously at another, give of yourself for another without the expectation of anything given back, and most importantly.... lending an open ear to another...

We all desire to feel like a part of something and to be heard. 

Living presently and selflessly can not only bring your mind and body into a space where you realize that you are truly a part of something. Practicing selfless actions bring joy to others and open your heart to the beauty around you. The Tough Mudder family has taught me much about the practice of loving kindness. I cannot count how many times I have simply placed my hand on a strangers shoulder, asked about the t-shirt they are wearing or why they are out running and then been totally blown away!!

If you are seeking a greater good, you don't necessarily need to go to a church and pray for it to come to you. All you have to do is ask a neighbor, a daughter, the guy on the subway... whomever. Listen, give and be transformed. This is path of Loving Kindness and though it may take work to do, the reward is greater happiness in the long run!


16min AMRAP
10 Pull Up
31 Double Unders
16 Wall Ball

291016 "3 key elements that should be in your breakfast"

Breakfast represents a new awakening, a new beginning. This applies both to your metabolism  but also for your hormones. Starting the day off right with a healthy breakfast will set you up for success the rest of the day. 

Now if you don't eat breakfast, we need to have a discussion about why that is. It could be schedule timing, it could be that your body doesn't want the food so early, there are a number of reasons that I have heard. I will just advise that if you are going to skip any meal of the day, don't let it be breakfast. 

During your sleep period your body systems (endocrine, musculo-skeletal, digestive) have had a chance to process the good nutrients you took in from the day before, expell the bad stuff and really reset the whole sha-bang. Breakfast is fuel for the systems to keep charging as your system activity gears up for the day ahead. 

Now for the keys to success in a good breakfast. Now I know you are immediately wanting me to lead off with, "Pancakes with syrup" or a "donut" but that shit is flat out not gonna happen. Rather I am going to give you 3 key items that should be in your breakfast.
1) Fat. Fat is Brain food. You want to be sharp, you want to get fired up, you need to be setting yourself up for success by eating oils, nuts, seeds, and fatty vegetables or protein sources. I am not saying you should eat a stick of butter each morning or down coconut oil by the gallon but you can sautée your food in it or cook your eggs in in or drizzle it over your veggies. A simple handful of nuts on the plate can mean a lot to keeping you blood sugar down and making sure that you are not "Jaba-the-hutting" granola bars at 10am thinking that you are super healthy!
2) Vegetables. Vegetables contain fiber. Fiber helps regulate the digestive system and aids your healthy bacteria in fighting off bad bacteria and things that can make you sick or inflamed. Fermented veggies like sauerkraut and kimchi are awesome because of the nutrient profiles and fiber but they also serve as probiotics as well!!!
3) Protein. Do you want little weenie arms and legs? I think you do not. I think that if you are reading this post right now there is a 99% chance that you already see the value in eating a complete protein with each meal or snack. Protein and amino acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue and help repair muscle that has been damaged by training. Eggs are classically a breakfast food but grass fed ground beef, sausage, fish... all are great protein sources that offer different benefits. 

There is no sugar added to a perfect breakfast. Whatever natural sugars that are in the vegetables that you consume are just enough to keep you going but not raise your blood sugar. And that my friends, is the key to setting yourself up for success in the AM! No sugar means no crash later. 

Healthy body=Healthy Life. Eat right and thrive. 


Row 250m
15 Front Squat (95/65lbs)
AMRAP 12min

271016 "Soda/Tobacco. Same/different?"

Since the scientific community has gotten into the public ear about the epidemic of nutrition in the United States, the soda industry has quickly had a spotlight directed straight at it. 

Similarities between a previous pariah, the Tobacco industry, and the Soda Industry cannot be missed. There are of course;
1) Misleading public policy campaigns
2) Lobbying at the highest levels of government.
3) Scientific studies and claims that are biased.
4) Overwhelming scientific facts that are simply dismissed about both.

Yet the Soda Indistry continues to deny and promote lower sugar products and 'more natural' products while at the same time lobbying with the American Beverage Association to not levy such attacks against its funding bodies. 

CrossFit.com posted a very relevant article from Scientific American about the current state of this fight. 

Have you been hearing about this fight? The simple answer is NO. Public health has consistently taken a back seat in the public policy debate because the funding dollars are spread all over campaigns nationwide. 

As we continually stay conscious about our health and nutrition choices, you can think about this fact next time you think about reaching for any Sugar Sweeteend Beverage; money from the cost of that beverage is being used by comapanies and lobbyists top keep you in the dark about the harmful effects that soda is having on communities nationwide!


20sec Lateral jumps Over Barbell
20sec Hang Power Snatch (65/45lbs)
20sec Rest
5 Rounds

261016 "Why 21-15-9 has worked for CrossFit"

I have made a life and career out of fitness. I am truly lucky and blessed. But the biggest impact on my fitness career has been discovering, coaching and competing in CrossFit. CrossFit did not invent anything in movement that humans have not seen before. What CrossFit did was perfect how the movements are used and to more importantly how to use rep ranges and intensity to deliver a physical product that has completely changed the way we see body composition and physical strength. 

Lets talk reps for a second. High reps Vs. Low Reps... What do you like more?. Which hurts more? How does using both make you feel? These are qualitative and quantitative observations that you should be watching and paying attention to in your training. 

Plain and simple Physiology and hypertorophy... Low Reps = Greater Strength W/ less focus on metabolic conditioning and body composition. High Reps= Greater overall muscular endurance and hypertrophy (Muscle Building). Less on absolute strength. 

So the goal is developing high strength and big gains and great body composition. Ok Go....

The truth is not that simple. Proper programming in CrossFit training has shown us the clearest path towards that middle ground though! Lets take a look at 21-15-9 for example. This rep scheme has been used for YEARS and has become a default rep scheme for total reps produced during exercise. By decreasing reps each round the athlete (you) are able to;
1) Keep intensity rather high, this benefits endurance and muscle building.
2) Use a variety of weights. Although the reps stay the same the programming can dictate stimulus by weighting the workout in various ways. Goping light will benefit muscle growth and going heavy still keeps the rep range in a strength building zone!

As you all know the proof is in consistency. By coming and crushing workouts each day you will be exposed to a variety of low intensity/ high strength days and high rep/muscle building days. The goal is to appreciate both. Which brings up my final point about body composition. 

Body Composition for males and females and the definition of beauty has literally been re-defined by the CrossFit method. CrossFitters walk taller and have better posture because our backs are strong and well developed. We all have great butts because we place a high value on full ROM exercises (especially squats). And that's just some external pieces; when you look at the insides of CrossFitters you notice that our training has also helped to dismiss common ailments and diseases that plague the general population. Amazing!

So it is one thing to get stoked on the workout, it is another thing to actually see what this process is doing for you. CrossFit is just a method, it needs your engine to move!

AMRAP Press 135/85lbs
when you fail
AMRAP Push Press
when you fail
AMRAP Push Jerk
Prowler Push 50m (mod load)
3 Rounds
* Score = Time – Total Reps

251016 "Brain Gainz"

Have you ever seen the movie Limitless? 

Basically the main character is a washed up party guy who stubbles upon a miracle drug that enhances his brain function to the limits where he actually is able to do some pretty trip shit. The initial result is that he figures out the Stock Market, kiss it in all aspects of his life... only to completely unravel later in the movie and fall on his ass... 

Its pretty good.. but maybe thats just because I like Bradley Cooper. 

Either way we all want bigger brain gains. If you are a student writing essays or a professional adult who has a workload and meetings to contend with each day, there is always a need to ge a brain boost. Science has shown that the simple regiment of good nutrition, sleep and exercise are the keys to long term cognitive development and growth over the course of your life. Also not grinding yourself into the same rhythm each day with no deviation can really stunt the mind as you get older. 

Back in the 1970's brain chemistry and function made a real breakthrough. Scientists discovered a class of chemicals and amino acids that they called "Nootropics". While there was a lot of scientific criteria for outlining these chemicals there were some key points that each of these brain enhancing items had to have:
1) Had to boost cognitive function.
2) Were non toxic to the body.
3) Did not produce stimulant or depressive effects.
4) Should protect the brain and not harm it.

WOW! Sounds good right? Sign me up for this magic pill. But like all things supplemental there are some catches to taking these brain boosters. 
1) You have to consistently stay on them to increase the effect. You can't just take them one day and have them make you smarter for years to come. 
2) The long term use has not been studied. Although they are non-toxic for the brain and body.. no-one really knows what being on them for 30+ years would do to you??
3) Effects vary from person to person. 

Now where can you try these things. Well at every 7 eleven you can buy them usually in the form of energy drinks. Not all.. but a couple of them. Red Bull for instance is chalked full of Taurine which is a powerful Nootropic chemical. Taurine is also a vital amino acid that everyone should take. The problem with buying them in energy drink form is that the caffeine and sugar drown out the benefits, giving you a jittery high along with the confidence and cognitive benefits of the taurine. 

Brands Like ONNIT, made very popular recently after they began sponsoring action sport athletes and UFC fighters, make brain Nootropics that are very high quality. I personally have tried this brand and find that it works...OK. Once again I am not taking it every day so the benefits are marginal. But my good friend who was just finishing Nursing school took them every day and he said the results were amazing!! So you can try and find out for yourself.

Developing a mind without boundaries or opening your mind more and more is something that we all want and I believe need. As I have stated before, no supplement can replace good nutrition, sleep and exercise but if you are someone looking for a boost and are down to try something new.. go for it.. 

If you end up hacking the stock market like Bradley Cooper, just remember who got you on it!!


Sprint 200m
Rest 2min
3 Rounds
Sprint 400m
Rest 3min
2 Rounds
Sprint 800m
1 Round

241016 "The top 5 Superfoods that you should be eating"

There is a constant search for the holy grail in optimal nutrition. Believe me... Im seeking it!

The truth is that the nutrient profile, nutrient density and how each item was raised has so much to do with its effectiveness on your health and it 'full spectrum' list of benefits. But fear not my friends, there are amazing foods out there and I am going to give you 5 that you should definitely be eating.

1) Salmon. About a month ago I went so far as to say that if you ate nothing else for the rest of your life, Salmon should be that one thing. The reason is that we as human beings NEED everything that the salmon has to offer. From Fat to Vitamins, Salmon delivers life sustaining nutrients. As always when you are sourcing your Salmon or other proteins, go Organic, sustainable, wild-caught, and in Salmons case... cold water caught. 

2) Acai. This fruit gives us way more than a daily dose of carbohydrates and vitamin C. Acai doses us with a Hughes's source of fiber and iron... can you believe it... How about Calcium?? Can you believe that? Just like blueberries, the dark color is indicative of its high anti-oxidant potential. Acai is considered a superfood because it not only helps keep the Gut healthy and improves digression; even deeper into the blood stream Acai clears out bad cholesterol from the body and helps rebuild cells! 

3) Sweet Potato. What's not to like, right?? This starchy food acts nothing like some other Potatos that it is likened with. Sweet potatoes are natural sweet when cooked but do not effect your insulin levels. The Sweet Potato Nutrient profile begins with a ton of fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium and Calcium. You should be into this as an athlete for its dense carbohydrate as well as the nutrients. There is really no drawback to having them every day in my opinion. 

4) Kale Holds a special place in my heart. Maybe its not your favorite leafy green but many in the medical world believe it is sent from Heaven to keep you healthy. Kale is also very trendy right now so beware of its GMO cousins. Just like many other leafy greens that offer very similar nutrients like spinich, collard greens, mustard greens, etc.; you need to buy organic and NON-GMO!

5) Almonds. Ready for magnesium, potassium, calcium, Vitamin A and a ton of healthy Fat??? Well you should be. Almonds are probably the hottest superfood on the market. I come from the almond growing capital of the world and I will tell you that the industry has planned it that way. Even if you don't like the nut you can buy the milk, oil, pulp, flour... whatever. Obviously the 'superness' of the food is in its original form that is chalked full of fiber and is a great choice for snacking in moderation. 

Superfood lists vary depending on who you talk to. This is just mine. Believe me when I tell you that in today's age of food labeling, Im sure there are people out there that say the Mc Donald's BIG MAC is a superfood. The industry has really loose limits on how things are classified. But if you look a the similarities and benefits of the foods I have listed, you will see a trend in nutrient density and fiber rich. 

So run over to your grocerie list and pencil these things in...


Part 1:
5 Power Clean
Every 2min
3 Rounds

Part 2:
5 Power Clean (135/95lbs)
5 Ring Dip
EMOM 9min

181016 "Want Gainz?... Chew More"

I will be the first to admit that I inhale my food. On a normal day I run around at warp speed on a calorie deficit and when I do get chance to eat (either sitting or standing); the task becomes less about consuming my fuel and more about seeing how much I can put in my mouth at one time! 

This morning I saw myself crushing my breakfast and downing my coffee when I began to wonder just what I was missing by doing this. After a quick search i found a great article that pretty much confirmed what i already supposed about eating tot fast. 

The link to the article is  HERE .

Im not going to summarize the article as I want you to read it yourself. What I will do is give you some important points to think about next time you are chewing. Chewing more can help you lose weight, absorb nutrients better and regulate hormone levels. 

It is simple to see that having larger food particles in your stomach and gut will bombard it and the result is going to be that the food gets passed right through and out. Chewing food also helps you eat slower, thereby aiding you in becoming more of a present human being... Living in the moment... See how I just brought that in....

The goal of optimal health begins in your mouth! Set yourself up for success and chew a few reps more. 

400m Run
Squat Flow
400m Run

Double Under Progression

Pausing Backsquat
10X 2 @72-78%


12 Min AMRAP
10X Man-eaters 40/30
40X Double Unders