010616 "Nutrition Challenge Secured!!"

Oh 30 days... They began slow and painful and have finished light and joyful. For most of you, there has been a change that is substantial and monumental. For this I say congratulations! You have earned every inch lost, every pound shed. Along the way you have also gained an education in nutrition and have surely learned heaps about your body.

Here are a couple things that you may or may not have learned during the course of your 30 day journey.

First, you have prioritized health and fitness in your life. Oh yes, you have broken the cyclical movement of just moving through your day without goals or ambition. Now you are conscious! Aside from making sure you are performing your best as a person, you have stepped into the realm of looking at a bigger picture in life; the "long road" if you will.

You have learned that work must be put in to accomplish your goals. In fitness or nutrition there is a realization that has occurred. WE are not teenagers anymore, if change needs to be made we need to work at it. You have first prioritized it and now you know how to work for it. Let this be a lesson to you, if you want something.... just put your head down and go get it!

Hopefully you realize now that REAL nutrition is whole foods and how much BULLSHIT is fed to us in the modern world without us even knowing it. You are now more educated and hopefully will carry on by educating others about proper health and nutrition.

Finally, as you begin to add things back in to your diet to see if they work for you... remain conscious and diligent about each item. If you try to add dairy, for instance, start small and wait... see what happens and then make and objective decision about whether you tolerate it or not. I want you all to remain successful going forward. I am here for you in whatever you may need.

Congratulations and Good Luck!


Agility Warm Up: High Knee Pull Quad Pull Hip Cradle Stretch Marching High Kicks Inch Worms Plyo Steps Power Skip Figure 4 Drill Falling Starts Side Shuffles Carioca


"Nancy" 5 Rounds For Time 400m Run 15 Overhead Squat 95/65