020816 "How To Deadlift like a Gangster"

Being From Sacramento, I had the privilege of working with one of the best Powerlifters on the Planet, Mark Bell. Technique is everything and even though we CrossFitters may look a the Press, Bench, and Deadlift as merely simple lifts... There is a ton to know about moving MASSIVE weight Correctly!. Today is a deadlift day and since we in CrossFit like to test our skills under duress, form is everything when we are tired and not at 100%.

Therefore, it is very important to listen to the cues given and find a way to make your body and mind work together and accomplish the goal. Have a watch and enjoy.



10X Banded Good Mornings High Knee Pull Elbow To Instep Banded Hip Activation (steps) Marching High Kicks Iron Cross Scorpion

Skill Development:

3 Rounds For Quality

1:00 Contra Lateral Plank Hold (:30 Per side) rest:30 4 Turkish Get Ups rest:30 200m Farmers Carry rest:30 20 Bent Over Row



3 Deadlift 225/135 3 Toe To bar 6 Deadlift 6 Toe to Bar 9 Deadlift 9 Toe To bar .... and so on until time is called.