040316 "16.2; Demonstrate your style"

Here is my recommendation for 16.2. #1 Warm up Correctly. Attack your weaknesses. I will be putting up a warm up but if you have sticky hips or a wrist that does not seem to be cooperating, lets address it.

#2 Although everyone is looking at the barbell in this workout, the real test is going toe managing the Toes To Bar. After warming up the kip and hamstrings, pick a rep scheme that is conservative and STICK TO IT!. No matter how good you may feel in the beginning.

#3 Breath through the Double Unders. Using the progression and positioning drills we CONSTANTLY work on, let the rope do the work and save yourself for the cleans. Efficiency= Energy Conservation.

4# Go for singles on the cleans. Save the grip. This is a lot of squatting and is taxing on the entire body. Make sure you are braced and if you have the equipment, kit up and make sure you are solid. Breath and get back to the bar, don't let the singles be a rest. Stay focused.


Banded Bully Stretch

10 Reps @ Each Divebomber Elbow TO Instep W/ Reach Hamsting Pulses Squat W/ Tspine Rotation Blackburns S-Waves

Spend 10 Mins Cycling : 5-8 Toes To bar 20 Double Unders 5 Clean Pull Unders

WOD: "16.2"

With a running clock, complete as many reps as possible in 4 mins; 25 Toes To bar 50 Double Unders 15 Squat Cleans 135/85

*if you complete all reps, add 4 mins and add weight . Repeating until you cannot complete the required work. 185/115 225/145 275/175 315/205