040516 "I'm Not F*%^@ing With you"

This video was just too good not to post. Watch and I'll Explain how it pertains to our health ... [embed]https://youtu.be/9UCdFbyL8y0[/embed]

Just as Climate Science has been railroaded by political gains and subversion, so has the Nutrition Science in the USA. Sometimes Secretly and many times overtly, Politics has swayed what we are told about Nutrition and Health .

One major topic comes to mind right now and that is Sugar Sweetened Beverages. The American Beverage Association has been funding research groups for years and subsequently putting out scientific information that works well for its members. Soda and Sports Drinks have been strategically placed in schools and workplaces all over the USA on purpose.

Commercial attempts to persuade us to drink them are pervasive. Just as climate change has had a virulent opposition and counter argument, so has the Beverage lobby. This is a big machine and it is designed to influence your thinking!!

Buck the system and think for yourselves. Just as there is overwhelming evidence for climate change, there is equal evidence for rising rates of obesity and metabolic disease in the USA. Stay away from Sugar Sweetened Beverages and especially the advertisement that comes with it.


Squat Flow...

400m Run 3 Rounds 5 Burpee 10 Mountain Climbers 15 Air Squats

12X Swaves 12X Blackburns 12X W Waves 12 X Superman Rocks

Skill Development: In No More than 7 sets, Build To a Max Thruster .


* Post Record o the PR Board


15 Min AMRAP 7 Thurster 125/85 9 Toes To Bar 11 Box Jump Overs