041115 "What Are Calories"

What are Calories? Calories are the a mesurement of energy that you receive from your food. Calories can be measured also by how many you 'burn' by doing physical work or just being alive.

And how many should I consume?

Now, next to "Why is the sky Blue?", this is one of the most convoluted questions that one can ask. The truth is that it is totally a balanceing act between you and your maximum output over an average period.

If you are taking in too little calories and preforming consistent and arduous work, you will probably have decreased performance, immune system function and a host of other deficiencies. Conversely, too many can result in a lack of perfromance and unwanted weight gain and potential sickness. Do you see the problem? Too much... your screwed.. Too Little... your screwed. It really is trying to find a balnce.

Generally, (and even this can fluxuate depending on who you referance), athletic men should consume around 2,700 and 1,900 calories per day respecively. But don't hold me over the coals with that. It is just a guideline!!!!!


For me, the question should be, "Am I getting good calories?"

The whole food aspect to establishing a caloric guideline is going to yeild the best result across the average. Calories from crappy sources will not yeild the micronutrients, anti-oxidants and Omega-3's necessary to support body processes.

How Do I keep track of my Calories?

Food Log. Diaries. Weigh and measure your food.. Get and app for your phone. There are so many ways to plot your course and keep your answers visible for inspection. I encourage everyone to write down what you eat. This will help you assign predicted caloric value

to each thing but it, more importantly, keeps you accountable for what goes in your body. I bet many of you save your gas receipts for data collection, why not keep a log of your daily menu?

You are all asking good questions and striving to be better. Discussions about calories can be frustrating but can also be enlightening as it will reveal just how well your machine is running.


6 Min Quality AMRAP 10X Banded Good Mornings 8X Supine Ring Rows (Feet on Box, same height as rings) 12X Overhead Plate Lunge 45/25 5X Burpee

Skill Work: Kipping Progression -Push/pull -Skip -Bridge -Push away+return


"Cindy" *compare to august6 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Air Squats

Cool Down:

Couch Stretch X2:00 Lat Band Stretch 1:00 Oblique Stretch 1:00