060416 "CrossFit @ iCONIC Conference in Seattle"

Coach Glassman and the CrossFit family are in Seattle this week for the CNBC sponsored iCONIC conference. The conference is highlighting business leaders and they are sharing success stories and projections about what business should expect in the future. Essentially the conference is a series of position points from different perspectives.

Today, CrossFit CEO Greg Glassman was interviewed about the success of CrossFit and questioned about some very standard issues that uneducated people ask about the methodology. Posted Below is the link to the live interview.


To go along with the video interview was also this Article;


I bring this to your attention for a couple of reasons. 1) For how big the sport has become, there are still so many that still know very little about what goes on daily in our gyms around the world. 2) Although the sport provides a global platform for over 330,000 people to participate for a very nominal fee, the general population believes that CrossFit is ALL about the profits. 3) CrossFit has been vociferous about the anti-soda campaign. Coach Glassman and the legal teams and trainers all over the world which has thrust CrossFit into the media with a vengeance. The world is now listening!!!

Get educated my friends. CrossFit is leading the way toward a better world. You are a part of it!


Lat band Pulls/ Oblique+Half Moon Stretch Banded/ Squat Flow

Jump Rope Progression; 40 Jumps On one leg 40 Singles 40 High Knee Jumps 40 Butt Kicker jumps 40 Double Unders 40 Triple Unders

Snatch Progression... Burgener Warm Up.

Skill Development: Snatch- Squat- Overhead Hold

3X 2 reps @ 65% 2 reps @ 75% 1 rep @ 80% 1 rep @ 85%

* Sequence will be.. Snatch, Overhead Squat, Overhead Hold. Hold the bottom of the OHS :07 and the top of the OHS :07.


AMRAP 10 12 KBS 70/53 40 Double Unders 4X 20 Shuttle Sprint