060516 "Stretch to be Mobile"

The snatch can be frustrating for those just getting into the sport. Hell.. It is probably one of my most hated things in CrossFit because if things just are exactly right with my body, shit ain't happening! The problems I am reffering to is positioning and mobility. Not only will limited mobility hinder you from attaining a proper Overhead Squat but it can also lead to Rotator Cuff injuries and a host of joint capsule problems. And that is just in the shoulder, imagine what your hips deal with . Here is a cool thing about what my warm ups do for us in relation to position, mobility and flexibility. They challenge balance. One big piece of fine motor control is balance during all parts of the movement. They unlock you joints and otherwise loosen up tight muscles. Stretching is vital for any age but I have learned through a lifetime of being and athlete that giving a good amount of time to your mobility work allow you to hit the ground running when it comes to the actual workout!

Mobility Is a goal and stretching, rolling, forcing your body over the course of months and years will yeild a great result. Take my mobilty work seriously and commit it to your memory. CrossFit is an education in fitness and health, I am giving you the tools to make you successful in life outside the gym. Mobility is a HUGE part of that success. Stick to it, make it your life!


Rotator Cuff drills with 5# or 2.5# plate. Banded Hip activation drill , 20m lateral walk, 12 squats, frankenstein walk

Snatch Warm Up: W/ Bar 5X Straight Legged Deadlift 5X Down/ Shrug 5 X High Elbows 5X Muscle Snatch +1 Overhead Squat 5X Snatch balance 5X Shrug and Pull Under 5X Hang Squat Snatch 5X Squat Snatch From Floor

Strength Work:

EMOM 12 1 Snatch *Ascending each minute

Consistency Work: 3 Sets of MAx Touch and Go Reps @50-60% of max from EMOM


30 Snatch For Time 95/65   *115/75 if you are Super RX!!