061115 "Class Changes"

So we are busting at the seems at CrossFit Poipu!! Good Thing as a business but bad for overall experience. We are working hard to develop solutions to bring class levels to manageable numbers and putting the right people in the right place. Here is what we offer.

  1. 4:30 Class is going to be capped at 12 people every day. The rest of folks who do not sign the roster when they come in, will be directed over to the church where we will have a 5 PM class that will handle A LOT more people.
  2. If you have kids, we love them . But they do not belong in a class with 25 adults throwing barbells around. Luckily we have had two coaches around to re-write a workout for them but as a safety issue we have to put a stop to it. If you absolutely have to bring your kids then we are encouraging everyone to attend the 5PM class at the church.
  3. There is still a lot of people who put off paying their membership dues and this has to stop. We are going to make it mandatory that auto-pay be the standard. WE have to keep the lights on and coaches in front of you giving you the awesomeness that you have come to expect.

For now if we can make these small changes the overall experience will be safer and better for everyone. Thanks for being amazing.

Baseline: Running and Agility: Plyo Steps/ High Knee SKip/ Butt Kickers/ Lateral High Knees/ Plyo Step with 180 degree change of direction/ Figure 4 Drill/ Carioca/ Bounding steps *do all drills 20m segments

4 Mins to get hot and sweaty 8 Ring Rows 8 Burpee Tuck Jumps 8 Jump Lunges

Run Through Hip Complex

Snatch Warm Up: 3 Pulls at Each Movement -Down/Finish -High Elbows -muscle Snatch -overhead squat -Snatch drops 2,4,6 -Sotts Press -High Hip Snatch Pull Unders -Hang Below Knee Snatch -mid shin snatch Pull


3 Rounds For Time 800m Run 15 Squat Snatch 115/75 20 Pull Ups