070716 "Protein and Water Consumption"

Water is essential to all of our bodily functions. From skin health to digestive health, you need to monitor your intake to ensure proper function and optimal health. A reason to drink plenty of water is to make sure your body can break down the protein that you eat  in your diet. Protein requires much more water in your digestive system. The kidneys are a very important filter and water is vital to moving all the unwanted minerals through without forming plaques which can result in things like kidney stones! No Bueno!

As athletes we are consuming a large amount of protein to help aid in nutrient uptake and recovery after sessions. The protein has to be broken down and filtered in the stomach, kidneys and intestines. Water will make this process happen.

Each day you should be taking in at least 4 liters of water. If you are super active and sweat a lot during the day, that number is likely going to be higher. The water that you drink should not be pounded down but rather strategically taken in before and during meals. Before meals, a glass of water helps to activate the digestive system and 'lubricates' the gut. Throughout the day, a glass or two of water can help keep the body running smooth and break down the protein as well as other essential functions.

Our bodies are roughly 75% water. To drink water is to take in a 4th very important 'macro' into your diet. For optimal health or general weight loss, water is the key to keep you running well.


3X 8 Burpee Shuffle sprint 10 Jump Lunges 12 Alternating Knee To Elbow


5 Rounds For Time

20 Sandbag Zercher Lunges 15 Push Press 115/75 10 Toes To bar