071215 "Hale Koa Weekend!!"

This coming weekend is our gym excursion to Hale Koa up in Kokee. We are excited to get everyone together, eat, talk story, and make memories. In order to make this weekend amazing, we need to get somewhat of a head count. If you are planning on going up, please let one of us know so we can plan accordingly. Also, we are trying to get all members updated to auto-pay to streamline the membership dues process. Please help us by pulling us aside and updating your information in the computer and setting your membership to draw on the day that you want. Starting January, we will want 100% of you updated.

Christmas is coming so now is a good time to get your friends involved in the community before the new year so let them know about the classes at the church and we will be offering a new member price for january!


Double Under Progression: -Body Position -Singles -Cadence -Dub's!!!

5 Mins For Quality 12 alternating Mtn Climbers :20 Freestanding Handstand Hold 15 Air Squats

WOD: 14 Min AMRAP 7 Muscle Ups 50 Wall Ball 100 Double Unders

*Scale to , 14 Min AMRAP 15 Ring Push Ups 50 Wall Ball 100 Double Unders

Cash Out:

:20 X Plank Hold Side Plank Side Plank knee Pull Side Plank Scissor lift *complete the same rotation on other side