090216 "The Game that is made to Inspire"

Beginning February 25th we will be participating in the Reebok CrossFit Games 'Opens'. This worldwide community gathering is not just about finding the fittest in the world. By signing up for this; by paying your $20 to participate you officially throw down a challenge for yourself. I have been coaching and participating in this wonderful sport for many years now and have seen amazing things happen during the 5 weeks. It is like christmas for me. So many firsts. A first Pull Up, A First Toes To bar, A PR Clean and Jerk.

You can be like the woman below me, amazed and thankful for the blessings. Joining the opens to prove to herself that she can be better, push harder than anyone ever thought she could.

Be amazing. Sign up for the CrossFit Games Opens today. Click HERE to make a change for the better.





Dynamic Running Prep; Leg Swing High Knee Pulls Quad Pull W/ Reach Power Skip Wall Lean Hip Flexor Pull Change of Direction Banded Buddy Pulls


3 Rounds For Max Reps

0-2 Min: Run 400m/ Max Double Unders 2-4 Min: Run 200m/ Max Rep KB Swing 53/35 4-6 Min: 4X 20m Shuffle Sprint/Max Pull Ups

Rest 4 Mins Between Rounds