090316"Nicole...With a Goal"

Elation. True elation. Accomplishment. You all should feel so good about your performance today. We have been working hard to build our strength over the fall and winter months and when we were finally put to the test, the results were astounding. As a Coach I cannot convey the satisfaction it brings me to see you all PR on the Front Squat. We have not been biasing our training to get that number; the results have been a result of balanced training and hard work on your part!

So sleep well knowing that you are getting stronger and better at life! As a reminder, the PR board and our number tracking board is something that I want you to interact with daily! Take pride in writing a new PR or an accomplishment on the board for the community to see!

Muscle ups are coming. I have a clear breakdown of this movement and can find a progression or piece of this movement that will work for you! Today's programming is all about finding your sucky areas and working on them.

Let's do work. Let's get better. Let's Lead the way!

Baseline: Lat Band Mobility/ Banded Bully Stretch

Row 1k. Rotator Cuff Drills

Skill Development:

Muscle Up Progression Gymnasty 15 :10 Ring Support Top :10 Ring Support Bottom 3 Negative Transitions (top to bottom of rings) 5 Banded Transitions 1 Big Set of Hips to rings pull Up


Complete for Time "Nicole... With a Goal" 60 Strict Pull Ups *Each Time you drop off, run 200m.

*if you bad... sub Muscle Ups... do 40.