090516 "Nutrition Challenge Week 2"

You have hopefully crossed a line of sorts in your Nutrition changes by now. I Know that the first week you have been feeling sluggish due to your abstaining from the normal sugar highs and lows or an otherwise general modification to you daily routine. It sucks. I know. I've been there. But you should be coming out of you daze and now seem to be gaining some energy back and perhaps your hormones feel a bit more stable.

This week the focus should be on staying the course. Recipes and on going meal prep can become a standard for you to keep the ball rolling. Modify your snacking to accommodate for your activity level is good but keep in mind the goal of having macros at each snack or meal.

Train hard this week and keep yourself focused. Remember that we are in this together so reach out if you need to ask questions or share your feelings.


Banded Low Back Stretch/ Iron Cross

3X 10 Divebomber Push Up 10 banded Good Mornings 10 Scorpion Stretch

Skill Development:

2X 8 Romanian Deadlift 135/95 -Alt with

2X 8 Pendlay Row

WOD: 18 Minute AMRAP

2 Deadlift 365/300 10 Bar Over Burpee 15 Sit Up

* Compare to 2/23/16