120516 "Get it while its hot"

Last night I posted about the importance of Fat Soluble Vitamins and the essential pairing of certain foods for maximum absorption in the body. Tonight i wanted to flip the conversation and give a brief explanation on the other side of things... Water Soluble Vitamins. As we discussed before, you eat food... the food breaks down.....the broken down elements in the food are vitamins and minerals... if you eat the right quantity and with the right foods, your body will absorb them and use them for optimal health.... That is it in a nut shell..

Got IT???

Water Soluble Vitamins are classically, Vitamin C, Folate, B Complex Vitamins, and Biotin. Inside these general Vitamin categories are a host of sub vitamins and a long list of very important health benefits like neurotransmitting, energy metabolism, carbohydrate breakdown, hormone function... the list goes on and on.

Well, these Vitamins do not get stored well in the body and are either used quickly or excreted from the body. If you notice that your supplements or beverages or certain fortified foods have well over the DV% that you need of each. If you are to turn over something like a Red Bull for instance, you will see that the B6 and B12 are easily over 300% of your DV%. This is because you body passes most of that shit!

But it works the same way with your fruits and veggies. Your two big ones are your Vitamin C and B's. The general Guideline for our optimal health is 'little fruit' and that is because in one papaya or a hand full of berries, there is an incredible amount of Vitamin C. Same goes for Folic Acid in Green Veggies and lettuces.

If you are eating a balanced diet there should be no need to worry, you are probably getting enough but Just know that what you don't use can be lost so staying active and balancing your diet is essential to make sure your body is taking in all that it needs.

Just some food for thought!!!



20X Banded Presses 20X Banded Good Mornings 20X Banded Iron Cross 20X Banded Pass Through 250m Row

Skill Development:

Review Push Press In no more than 5 sets, Build to a heavy set of 5 PUSH PRESS


2 Rounds For Time

1000m Row 50 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65 30 Ring Dips

*Sub Ring Push Ups, bar dips, box dips