130616 "How Clean is Too Clean?"

Up until the 20th century, the idea of Showering every day was simply unheard of. Im sure you have all seen the old western movies where the cowboy rolls into town and pays his nickel for a steaming bath to wash of the grime. The idea of this probably makes you cringe as you think about just how bad those folks smelled?? Today we spend hundreds of dollars per year on anti-bacterial cleaners, disinfectants, and soaps of all types and varieties. We shower all the time and we wipe counters, floors, and clothes often. Today there are SUPER BUGS that are literally evolving to survive even our worst cleaners. ALLERGIES are at an all time high among kids, and people are still getting sick with E COLI.

So Whats the deal?

As a bacteria enthusiast I have to say that I have learned a lot about GOOD Bugs and BAD Bugs. Both are everywhere and by nurturing the good ones, we are placing a hedge against the bad ones wreaking havoc on our lives. The truth is, Fear has driven our Hygiene to a state of paranoia. It has been proven that the higher the hygiene standards of a country, the higher the incidence of allergies and autoimmune diseases.

Keep this in mind.. In the 1970's the CDC states that only 1 in 10 people had allergies. Today it is 1 in 3!!.

And its not just our cleaners that are doing this too us. By eating processed food and 'sterilized' fruits and vegetables instead of organically grown, local types; you drastically cut down on a huge range of GOOD bacteria that you need to keep your GUT working well and keep you healthy.

Shootz! Even consuming some bad bacteria or at least coming into contact with it now and again is good 'training' for your immune system. Just like physical training, your body needs to condition itself to respond in the case of an intruder. Training takes time. I always like to point out that us kids that grew up on farms were always less sick than those who grew up in cities because we came in contact with dirt and bugs more often!

So here are some ways that you can keep yourself clean... but not too clean....

  1. Stop using the Clorox Bleach to clean up simple spills and kitchen areas. These should only be used in the case where someone is sick.
  2. Let all your dishes air dry. Bacteria cannot reproduce on dry objects. Using a drying towel just spreads the little dudes all over the place.
  3. Wash with HOT water. Bacteria that may cause health problems are resilient little buggas but if you heat them up enough (+140F) then you pretty much kill em all!
  4. Stay away from the kitchen sponge. Use it only to scrub certain things. Those things are nasty.
  5. Eat Local! Eat Organic! By consuming locally grown food you are more prone to consume the GOOD bacteria from your area that can actually help keep you healthy.
  6. Use Vinegar to clean your stuff. The effective acidity in Vinegar is enough to knock out MOST bad bacteria, plus you don't have to worry about your kids putting food directly on surfaces and getting sick from the cleaners.

Keep this in mind as you strive for optimal health. Good health leads to Good Performance in and out of the gym. Stay healthy and thrive!!!!

Baseline: Banded Hip Distraction Stretch

400m Run Squat Flow


Every 3:00 for 30:00, alternate Between,

5 Back Squats @ 76.5% or +15-20# from last week _______________ 12 GHD Sit Ups