150416 "Deadliftapalooza"

We are keepin on.. keepin on in our pursuit of total body strength. By this I mean we are going to work one more week of our Deadlift at the 5X5... Whether you know it or not, by increasing the weight and keeping the volume at a decent level, your midline, hamstrings, glutes, back.. all those important bits... they be getting stronger! The Deadlift, though it has never been one of my favorite lifts, is such a great tool to develop the functional strength we need in life. Therefore, we do and we do well!


2X Marching High Kicks X12 Elbow To instep Lunges X12 Superman Hold X :30 Banded Good Mornings X 20 Mountain Climbers X20 L-Hang on Bar X :30


Deadlift 5X5 @ 78% *Or 20# higher than last weeks Lifting session.


5X 20 Push Ups 40 Double Unders

Cash out:

60 Dumbbell Rows 45/30