160216 "Only a Week Away!!!"

[embed]https://youtu.be/S7sDi0TVLSQ[/embed] Do what scares you... Support your Community... Challenge yourself... Be a part of the party...I can keep going on and on with wonderful reasons why you should participate in the CrossFit Opens.

A Cool thing I am trying to do is really bring the CrossFit Community here on Kauai together every weekend. CrossFit Poipu has established a precedent of community organizing through competition. The opens are no different.

This Sport has given so much to you, this is 5 weeks to give back to the worldwide CrossFit family!


T- Spine Flow; Divebombers, Elbow to instep W/ Reach, Squat with Tspine reach, blackburns, S-Waves, Glute Bridge W/ Reach

Tabata Linear and Lateral Shuttle Sprint


OverHead Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Skill Competency:

EMOM 12 Odd: 30 Toes To bar :30 Rest Even: :30 Strict HSPU :30 Rest