160616 "The Bean is set free!!"

If you are to check out peer reviewed science studies about health and nutrition you would most definitely find many many studies about Coffee. In the Nutrition world there are few other things that have been scrutinized like the good old coffee bean. For a long time it was loved. Then it was hated and accused of giving you cancer. And now its back on the nice list, touting all the anti-oxidant benefits and the reduced risk of diabetes if taken regularly. So the tide has once again turned and the Bean has been set free.

I have written at length about the amount of coffee you should drink, and how to time your intake for optimal performance. I like the stuff and think you should too. The Coffee bean is truly a majestic treasure sent from GOD.

The only caution is the heat at which you drink the coffee. Not only do you run the risk of burning the coffee if it goes over 200 degrees but you also can increase the risk of esophogeal (Throat) cancer and irritation. Mellowing out your daily grinds with a little cream or perhaps skipping the hot brew all together with some delicious Cold Brew is even better.

Either way we should rejoice in that the Bean has once again been set free in the eyes of the public. So drink up my friends.


Long Cycle Turkish Get Up -2 Sit Ups -Roll To Elbow -Kneeling Press - KB Clean and Press -Windmill

* Perform 10 On Each arm for Warm Up and Mobility


8 Rounds for Time 2 Rope Climbs 4 Deficit Handstand Push Ups 4/2" 6 KB Snatch 70/53# 200m Run

*Rest :45 between Rounds