170316 "Girls Rule"

The Opens have inspired and pushed all of you to dig deeper. You have all identified weaknesses and vowed to address them. As a coach I love this. You are taking initiative and bringing a conscious mind to every training session. Great Job by the way. I know that the Open began with a lot of apprehension about ability and what has transpired is truly a transcendence of athleticism and confidence.

This week for the Open announcement we have some very impressive women unveiling the workout for us. At 5pm Pacific, 2PM Hawaii @ games.crossfit.com you can watch the Dottir's go at it...


Guys are strong and their performance is impressive. But these women are something to behold. Perhaps because I have daughters and am a big fan of womens' athletics, I am slightly biased. But... CrossFit has done something for womens athletics and confidence among women that has been unparalled in anything before.

Body image, strength, performance.. All things that CrossFit has shown to be gender neutral. I have loved watching women become leaders in this sport. Attracting attention to health and bucking the stereotypical norms throws many things in the face of all things sport!

Women have become the sight to see during the Regional and Games Events. Strength to weight ratio, they reign supreme. Many men are humbled in the presence of CrossFit Women. I love it. No matter the B.S. , the women throwing down for 16.4 are truly impressive and you should take it upon yourself to marvel in thier performance.

Guaranteed to impress. Girls Rule!!


Banded Hip Distraction Mobility

400m Run 12 Banded Press 20m Lateral Banded Hip Activation 12 Samson W/ Pass Thru 400m Run

Strength Development:

BackSquat 7X3 @ 75-80%

Push Press 3X8 @ 75-80%

Midline Conditioning:

For Quality, 3X 1 Legless (:30 Chin Over Bar Hold) 12 GHDSU 10 D.B. Bent over Row *each arm, HEAVY 12 Barbell Reverse Lunge *6 Per Side @135/95