170617 "Philadelphia Breaking Ground"

Philadelphia became the first city in the US to institute a 1.5 cent on sugar sweetened beverages today! This is a huge step forward to turn the tide of American consumption of sugar but it is also a stand against the large soda industry (American Beverage Association). If you recall this is the same type of stand that the American Public took against the Large Tobacco Industry in the 80's and 90's which resulted in a decline in usage and and overall health impact that is seen today.

I am sure that the same will be true of Sugar Sweetened Beverages. It was said that banning smoking was unlawful, would offend peoples rights, etc.... and look at where we are now. Today teen smoking is WAY down and rates of lung cancer and associated disease due to smoking are on the decline. Obesity is the next problem we must solve. Already the Lobbying groups are coming out with the same rhetoric about offending the impoverished, economic impacts to the middle class... bullshit bullshit bullshit.


Today marks the beginning of a Running Program that Chris Henshaw of Nor Cal CrossFit has written to help us prepare for the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail Run. Like the Progression we worked on a few weeks ago, the name of the game is intervals.

When I program this running day there will be a 10K prep version and a 5K prep version . Each workout will have the distance listed. Chris uses the terms 'fast' and 'moderate' where as I used percentages. Keep both in mind when reading the Workouts.

Baseline: Running Prep Heel/ Toe Walk High Knee Pull Quad Pull Hip Cradle Stretch Plyo Step/ Arm Swing High Knees Butt Kickers Figure 4 Drill Side Shuffle / Arm Swing Carioca Banded Buddy Pulls

WOD: 5K Prep

200m Run :75 Rest 200m Run :75 Rest

2X 600m Run No Rest 200m Run :75 Rest

400m Run

*200 and 400m runs are to be done fast. 600 to be done moderate

10K Prep

2X 1 Mile Run Rest 3:00 400 Fast pace Rest 3:00 800m moderate Rest 3:00