181215 "Fittest of Kauai is Here!!"

I am pumped that we are about to throw down at the very first Partner Competition here on Kauai. It looks like it is going to be a fun fitness party primarily dominated by CrossFit Poipu members but that means it is going to be even more fun. Challenge can be difficult for many people to surmount. Fear chains people back, fear leads to a lack of Confidence and so forth. The funny thing is that if I were to ask an adult or a child what they are fearful of it is usually the same thing... Not pain, Not memories... But What drives the Fear is the Unknown. Crazy. People are inherently scared of what they do not know. Things that are probably not real, only what they have made up in their minds.. Wild right?

A long time ago I read in a spiritual guide that if humans could relinquish FEAR and DESIRE, we would live in Eden all over again. Our lives would be blissful and centered. I try to remember that whenever I feel my confidence waning or when I start to become too enraptured in all the pretty things that the world tells me I think I should have.

To Take Away Fear and Desire is truly to come closer to God. When you can free yourself, you can then explore challenge in all forms and your life will be lived... fulfilled. Though Minor, the Fittest of Kauai is a test of your ability to relinquish Fear. To Live closer to your full potential. To be closer to God... See how I brought that around..haha.

Let's go into this Competition ready to push hard but have the most fun as well. Let's bring each other up and encourage each other to break through Fears and overcome. When we can do this together... man... truly great things can happen. Good Luck.

Mid Line Madness:

3 Rounds For Quality

30 DB Overhead Walking Lunges 45/30 :20 L Hang With Chin above the Bar


200 Double Unders 100 Air Squat 80 Burpee 60 Wall Ball 40 Toes To bar 20 Strict HSPU 10 Muscle Ups