190516 "The Coconut Cup"

I want to get the dialogue going about an upcoming Competition hosted by our friends at CrossFit Kapaa. The Coconut Cup is coming up on June 18th and I want CrossFit Poipu there representing not only our community but the greater CrossFit Community on Kauai. If you learned anything during the Opens, it was that there is another gear that can be attained when it comes to competition. Also you may have noticed that it was pretty fricken fun as well. This competition is going to be no different. Just our friends, getting together for some fitness, all to support the Boys and Girls Club of Kauai!

So Grab a partner and lets get ready to throw down!!


Agility Warm Up: Heel Walk Toe Walk High Knee Pull Quad Pull Pigeon/Fig 4 Pull Plyo Step Power Skip High Knees Butt Kickers Fig 4 Drill Groiners Carioca Side Shuffle W/ Arm Swing


Run 5 K.

  • Fear Not my badass fitness fanatics. I want you to take your timing device with you and use the interval method that we have been implementing over the past 5 weeks. You will follow a :45 Run @ 70% pace followed by a :30 Jog .
  • The goal is to keep you on target, maximizing your energy expenditure all the while keeping your mind on the task of intervals and not on the miles. Remember that running is as much mental as it is physical.