200416 "You Sick, I'm Sick"

It may be shocking to you but new research is showing that you may be sharing more things with your co-workers than just gossip. It is something that you cannot see but at the same time has a profound effect on who you are as a person and your overall health. And you may be guessing already... Bacteria.. Outside of your home and constant interaction with your family, your Co-workers generally see you just as much. Chances are that your work in the same closed environment with them each day, sharing public facilties, machines, tools, etc. When this happens, the research shows, you pick up and develop bacterial characteristics that are somewhat similar.

Have you ever wondered why when one of your co-workers gets sick it is only a matter of time until you also are under the weather? Traditionally it is thought that virus' like the common cold spread through interaction which is very true. But what if we look a this further and notice that if we (work place amigos) are all deficient in a certain bacterial strain then that can increase the chances of passing on the sickness quicker??

Now each individual has a unique size and variety of bacteria, that is what makes us all the people we are. Touching , breathing and rubbing our skin and fluids on things can make a big difference. This is really some interesting food for thought...

So if microscopic bacteria are limited in your workplace make sure to eat lots of veggies, yogurt, kefir, and fermented foods to keep up the diversity and heartiness of the bacteria in your system. Don't just fall into the mold, be original, and stay healthy.


Lunge Flow--Banded

Bully Stretch/ Lat Stretch --- Banded

40 Double Unders 20 Med Ball Squats 20 Med Ball Sit Ups 40 Double Unders 20 Wall Ball Shots 20 Russian Twists 40 Toe Touches 20 Med Ball Hand Walk Overs 20 Med Ball To Bar

Skill Development:

Floor Press 5X8 @ or near Bodyweight.

WOD: "More KettleBell Please"

50 KB Snatch 53/35 50 KB Swing 50 KB Shoulder to Overhead

EMOM do 5 Goblet squats