200616 Rooibos Tea and its benefits

I wanted to share something today about hydration. With summer upon us it is obviously very apparent that we are starting to bake in the gym and our Bacon Sizzle after the workouts leaves nice pools of sweat in their place.

Hydration is an all day affair and should even be planned ahead of time if you know that the next day you will be working out hard or spending a ton of time in the sun!  As my Fire Captain used to say, "Hydrate for Tomorrow, Today!" H2O intake as well as Coconut Water and the sparing use of Sports drinks is a great way to keep up your electrolytes, and fluid intake but there is also another Tea that has caught my attention.

Rooibos Tea is a South African tea that has been used for a very long time as a medicinal herb to clear up  headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies, and premature aging. As a Sports Drink, this Tea gives you not only hydration but it is chalked full of vital minerals.

HERE is a great link that explains it in detail.

So whether it is recovering from a massage or a training session, take your Hydration ideas outside the box and drink your way to optimal health.

Baseline: 10XElbow To Instep Stretch 10X Glute Bridge W/ Reach 10X Iron Cross 10 X Scorpion

Agility ladder Drills Rotator Cuff Mobility

Suggested snatch W/U: 3 x romanian deadlift 3 x snatch high pull 3 x muscle snatch 3 x tempo overhead squat @ 23X1 3 x snatch balance 3 x power snatch to OHS (hold PSn receiving position each time, each rep little deeper) 3 x snatch pull under 3 x hang squat snatch

Skill Development: Snatch EMOM 4 -3 hang squat snatch (below Knee) @70% Rest 2:00 EMOM 4 - 2 Squat Snatch @80% Rest 2:00 EMOM 3 -1 Squat Snatch @ 95%

WOD: 9 Min AMRAP 12 Push Up 11 Toes To bar