071116 "Pure Pharma is back!!"

While I was away in New York the supplement fairy dropped a huge load on my doorstep... hahaha. 

For realz though. I am fully stocked with the best supplements you can take! Below is a list, the benefits and pricing for everything. Get them soon as fall is a time when we do a big reset on our bodies and when nutrition should be on point! 

Symbiotics SB3- I want to lead off with this badass product. I have been waiting for this for a while. As you know I am a GUT junky, striving to make my GUT the best possible machine it can be. By doing so you must make sure that you are consuming BOTH Probiotics and Prebiotics . These little packets pack both in them WITH a huge dose of Vitamin C to keep you healthy. I recommend theis product to everyone for daily use . 
The price for a box of 30 sticks is 42$. 

Mineral M3- Magnesium is something that I have written about and preached about for some time. Magnesium is vital as a recovery supplement and dietary necessity. Since 90% of Americans lack the appropriate amounts of Magnesium in their diet this is another MUST for supplements. This blend is combined with B6 for cellular recovery and metabolism as well as Zinc for recovery in all systems of the body. 
The price for one bottle is 27$.

Vitamin D3- Another important vitamin that is lacking in our diets. Vitamin D supplementation is necessary because our food supply lacks it and our body simply doesn't produce enough to keep us running well. Vitamin D binds with other minerals in the body to help keep your metabolism in check and the other great aspect of this is that it is mixed with Coconut oil for absorption and brain health. All around this product is a win win!!
The price for this bottle is 17$.

Omega 3- Hands down this supplement is something that everyone should be taking. In a world where Omega-6's are everywhere, this gives you balance in your diet. Your brain runs off fat. Omega 3's give your brain the necessary fuel as well as cuts down on inflammation from training. This product has one of the highest EPA/DHA (the goods) levels of any product I have tried. It is super high quality and you NEED to be taking it. 
The price for this bottle is 37$. 

I bought a ton of this for two reasons. #1 is that I take this stuff that much! I would not pawn off bullshit on your guys, rather I want to help you run at your peak levels. These products are bare bones nutrition, just because they may be called supplements; the importance is much greater. #2 I want everyone to find a product and get on board. Getting your health on track is the greatest gift you can give to better your life. Yes I am equating Pure Pharma to greater life quality. That is what nutrition is all about. 

If you have questions please contact me and we can work through whatever is on your mind. I will have the products at the gym all this week and whenever you call and need them.