190916 "Mahalo nui loa"

This past week we have been busy... to say the least. You may have shown up to classes that are double the size, some new coach giving you instructions... it has been wild! I would just like to say Thank you so much for your awesome spirit and embracing the madness of the Ultimate Hawaiian Trail run. 

The Community here on Kauai is rich in Aloha and people from all over the world want to come and experience it. Hell.. that is why I moved here in the first place.. YOU! 

I would also like to point out that this gathering of CrossFitters from all over the world is truly a one of a kind deal. Nowhere else in the world is there an event that brings so many top athletes and people together other than the CrossFit Games! The vision and drive to make this type of event happen takes a lot of perseverance but it keeps growing year after year. 

So as we bid farewell to many of our visitors this week and get back to normal I would just like to extend a very grateful MAHALO to our Kauai community for showing up with a smile and extending the Aloha to everyone that walked through the doors. With your help we have now made an indelible mark on many lives and connected with people from all over the world. 

Kauai may be a small island but our impact is huge. Stay fired up about that and lets get training!


800m Run
8 Bulgarian Split Squat
8 Banded Good Mornings
8 Jump Squat

Squat Flow + T Spine Flow

Skill Development:

Front Squat




10 L-sit CHIN UP
20 Ab Mat Sit UP
30 Double Unders / :45 Double Under Attempts.