220316 "Stay stoked on 16.5"

I have coordinated with the Hyatt to make 16.5 a fun and competitive experience. Here is how the fun competition will go down: - You will contact me and sign up for your division (RX, Scaled, Masters, Scaled Masters) and donate $30 towards the Hyatt Charity Walk.

-You will then have Friday and Saturday to complete 16.5 at the gym of your choice.

-The top M/F athletes in each division will be rewarded prizes.

The prizes include: -1 night stay at the Hyatt.

-4 person pool passes

-$150 Gift cards to Hyatt restaurant

-Anara Spa Massage

-Manicure and Pedicure at Anara Spa.

I am excited to partner up with the Hyatt for this charity event. If you would like to donate $30 and prove your fitness, let's see your name on the roster.

Tonight I want to show you a Teaser video of what my friend Marcus Brown filmed a part of here on kauai. Get stoked and check out just a taste of some cool things going on in the world. Follow your passion and be the change you want to see in the world!



Agility and Running Prep

2X10 Glute Ham Lowers (use a partner)

Gymnastic Strength:

3 Sets for Max Reps

Strict Ring Dips


4X 400m Run 12 GHDSU 15 DB Box Step Ups 45/30