220616 "Breaking Bok Choy"

Bok Choy is one of my ultimate favorites. It not only is a clean package of dark green leaves with a stiff and hearty base which tells me there is a lot of great fiber, but its stalks are nice portion sizes so you can plan your meals easier! Bok Choy is actually from the Cabbage family and is primarily an ingredient in Chinese cuisine. If you have not cooked much with this amazing vegetable there are a few different ways to prepare it; as I will go into shorty. You can get a crunchy finish like a celery or a smooth and delicate texture when it has been braised for a bit. Either way, it can be a veggie that you can use daily if you get in a funk with what you are already using.

First you can steam the delicious green. By heating water in a saucepan, bringing it to a boil and then adding the Bok Choy. Boiling the heck out of the stuff is not what you want to do. Just give it 3-4 minutes so that the integrity of the leaves is still intact. And it has crunch. Take the Bok Choy out and either blanche it or let it cool. In a serving bowl you can put sesame oil, coconut aminos, some sesame seeds and ginger, mix that good stuff together and then drizzle it on the bok choy for a perfect side dish.

Or you can saute the green in your favorite sauce. I particularly like a coconut milk base or even a curry. I am kind of impatient so I will usually use some sauce for extra moisture and oil in a covered sauce pan on medium heat for 5-6 mins. The moisture in the sauce and oil will help break the crunch down and the flavors of the sauce will soak up in the leaves for extra flavor. Once you have the bok choy right then you can add it into a larger dish with meat and more suace to create a bit of stew or even a soup!

Finally if you like to grill then you can easily half the bok choy portions and drizzle coconut oil on them or sesame oil with some garlic or ginger. Beside the meat on your grill, in the not so hot area, you can lay the bok choy CUT SIDE down and lightly grill them until they wrinkle up and the singe marks become apparent on the bottom side. The middle will still be crunchy and it goes well with Pork or Fish!

Bok Choy is chalked full of vitamins and minerals. Essential ones like potassium, floate (Folic acid), Vitamins A,C, K, Magnesium and calcium. Remember to add a dash of black pepper to the finished product to increase the uptake of calcium in your GUT!

Good luck and happy cooking.

Baseline: 3 Mins Jump Rope * Focus on weighting and unweighting each foot, small hops, big hops, Lateral Hops, High Knees, Double Unders

Lunge Flow: Elbow to Instep, Ankle Roll out, Thoracic Reach in Lunge, Hamstring Pulses, Pigeon Stretch. 2X


"Filthy 50" *Make sure you warm up each movement and ensure you are primed! 50 Box Jump 24/20" 50 KBS 35# 50 Jumping Pull Up 50 Walking Lunge 50 Knee To Elbow 50 Push Press 45/35# 50 Hip Extension 50 Burpee 50 Wall Ball 50 Double Unders

*Ankles and calves!! Make sure they are supple.