230616 "Maxing out on Magnesium"

In Previous Blog Posts I have written about the importance of the Vital Mineral, Magnesium. As a recovery supplement and staple in your nutrient checklist for the day; magnesium helps with the important restorative aspects of performance including sleep and muscle recovery. Magnesium supplementation is also something that I have noted as a possibility in your nutrition. There are many supplements, yet I prefer the PURE PHARMA because it is a clean product and has a high potency.

Most people can get the MAX dose of daily magnesium just be eating locally farmed vegetables and other staples. Spinach and Chard are the highest ranking vegetables along with Almonds and Pumpkin Seeds that bring a good amount of healthy fats with them. Yogurt and kefir are fermented dairy products high in  Magnesium. Figs and bananas are the fruits with the highest magnesium content.

Beyond the previously mentioned benefits, magnesium is vital for Protein synthesis,Nerve function, Blood sugar control,Brain function, Blood pressure regulation, and Energy metabolism.Basically everything that requires electrical signals to move about the body, Magnesium helps make it happen!

Lastly, you should max out on your magnesium for the sake of your bones. Since your bones are the keeper of 90% of your bodies magnesium stores, it is absolutely more vital than calcium. This obviously goes agains all that the modern American Diet says right,... more calcium = stronger bones. Quite the contrary is the case. If you dont have enough magnesium in your diet, your calcium content doesnt mean shit!! So double down and MAX out on your Magnesium today!


Lat Band Mobility/ Bully Stretch

3X 8 Burpees 8 Samson Lunge W/ Pass Thru

Skill Development:

Split Jerk EMOM 10 1 Push Press 1 Split Jerk * Building Each Rep * Focus on the balance of the feet in the landing and dropping your hips low when receiving the bar!

WOD: 4 Rounds For Time

2X (per round) 6 Front Rack Lunges 135/95 6 Chest To bar Pull Ups

Rest 1:00 per Round