240616 "So your Shaker Smells like S^*T!!"

Shaker Bottles have  become as ubiquitous as your stylish pairs of CrossFit shoes. You probably have a few types, colors and styles of shaker bottles that match you daily mood or the type of supplement that you like to shake up! It does happen that we get so wrapped up in our GAINZ and Fitness Accomplishments that you forget to wash them out after use. The sun and heat hit these little containers and the stink begins.

Now I must say that if was just water or some kind of Sports Beverage you would probably be in the clear. Those liquids tend to have a chemistry make up that allow for longer shelf life and greater adapatability to hot and cold.

Protein is not so stable in the heat. Due to the fact that most Proteins are based on Milk and dairy the outcome of heat application results in a break down of the sugars and enzymes to literally curdle inside your favorite canister.

So what do we do??? You  love that little missile of gainz! you got to wash it right??

Simply washing with dish soap and hot water does not always get the smell out. Though it is true that soap and hot water will clean the canister and kill bad germs but the smell might hang around. WELL DO I HAVE SOME NEWS FOR YOU!!

Baking Soda is a wonder substance. We set a box and forget it in our refridgerator. We scrub it in our grass stained shirts. WE even can combine a couple tablespoons in our shaker with warm water to clean the heck out of the little guy!

So if you come across a neglected shaker bottle dont just toss it! Rather use the combination of dish soap and baking soda to clear up bacteria as well as stink. When you are grinding hard at the gym the last thing you need is to want to puke because you shaker smells like baby vomit! No Bueno.

Follow those steps and we will see you in class.... smaelling good.



200m Run 10 Deadbug 10 Push Up 10 Banded Good Mornings 10 Sit Up

Gymnasty 14: :15 L hang on bar 20'  Handstand Walk 12 L-Sit Crossovers :20 Superman Holds 12 Lateral Hop Over Object (plate stack or loaded bar or box)



21-15-9 Clean 135/95 Ring Dip