250716 "Why you get sick..."

Getting sick sucks. It seems like now more than ever, people that are generally healthy are developing autoimmune diseases out of nowhere, or are developing allergies without prior cause.

So why is this happening?

Well, it all comes down to your environment.  Allergies and sickness are a result of the choices that you make on a daily basis. I know it would be great to blame it on genetics but unfortunately the blame falls squarely on you sucka! The food you eat, the drink that you enjoy, the pills that you take, and the stress levels in your life all have an effect on your overall health and sickness. The worst thing is that your exposure to your toxic environment is relatively small but illness is cumulative and it is small exposure over time that contributes to the overall picture.

First, we are over sanitizing EVERYTHING! From our hands to our guts, there has been an all out kill order on any and all bacteria in our lives. You are cleaning your floor and counters with the same cleaners that hospitals and commercial cleaners use for industrial applications! Hardcore Shit man! By ridding our lives of all the bacteria we leave ourselves wide open to the really nasty stuff that can break through and have free reign on our bodies!!

Second, we are consuming so much more gluten in our lives now more than at any other time in history. Gluten is a protein that helps preservation, softness, and pliability in processed grain products. Like High Fructose Corn Syrup is WAY overused as a cheap way to sweeten food products, GLUTEN is the processed grain version. In addition to this fact, the wheat that we all eat now is so GMO that it is not even funny. Grain producers have developed a grain that grows rapidly, is immune to most pests and disease and is really bad for humans to eat. And if you haven't noticed... that shit is everywhere!

Being healthy is about small choices over your entire life. Each move you make in life should reflect your desire to keep yourself and the ones you love, healthy. Staying conscious of your food choices is vital, keeping harmful cleaners and antibiotics out of your life can keep you living longer. Lets make it happen today!


400m Run 10X Iron Cross Scorpion Marching High Kicks Standing Toe Touch Glute Bridge W/ Reach Elbow To Instep Stretch Samson Lunge


5X8 GHD Hip Extension Barbell Bent Over Row 115/75

WOD: "Randy" 75 Snatch For Time @75#