260416 "Nutrition Seminar Friday Night!!"

Join Rory and Aaron this Friday night at the Southside Sports Center at 5:45 for a guided nutrition talk. As I have spoken and written about many times before... Nutrition remains the big piece of the Healthy Pie that most people don't know how to train. And yet it is vital to overall health and physical goals.

This Friday night you have the opportunity to have questions answered and a path laid out for you. The team will be going over ;

-Planning and Shopping for essentials

- Prepping meals

-Understanding the Macros

-How to define success in Nutrition.

-Setting yourself up for success in our challenge.

Come out Friday night, invite friends and get ready to change your life the better.


Banded Hip Distraction/ Low Back Stretch

20X Banded Good Mornings 20X Jump Lunges 20X Berry Pickers 20X Scorpion Stretch

Tabata Jump Rope

Skill Development:

3X8 Romaninan Deadlift 135/95 -alternating With 3X8 Penally Row 135/95


21-15-9 Deadlift 315/225 Box Jump 30/24"