280816 "Stay away from Soy Sauce"

The soybean is hardly what it once was. For thousands of years the Chinese have been farming, cultivating and consuming this vegetable for its protein profile and health benefits. Until.. The Americans got it! Like all things American we looked for economy over quality. Why produce a crop that has just one use.. Health...!! Baaaaah!! We can make cheap vegetable oils and carcinogenic protein powders !!!

Soy Sauce is a derivative of that same modified crop with added salt, sugar and coloring. With all the same carcinogenic and hormonal problems that have been linked to soy; what you douse your bento with is kicking your food up a notch towards the SICK profile!

But there is a health option for you to use. Coconut Aminos is a very safe and good tasting alternative to Soy Sauce. As with all coconut products there are some serious benefits over the heavily GMO Soybean. Lets lay them out for you. 1) Inositol is a chemical that reacts with the hormones in the thyroid and the brain to help reduce the incidence of ADHD, Dementia, and Anxiety. 2) Lowers the risk of certain cancers. 3) Since Coconut Products have a strong anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties, Coconut Aminos can boost your immune system.

I have posted a link to the brand of Coconut Aminos HERE. My suggestion is to throw out your old Soy Sauce and get on board with this much healthier alternative. Your health will love you for it.


Med ball Agility Warm Up

Squat Flow Lat Band Mobility/Pitchers Stretch


21-15-9 Push Press 135/85 Push Ups *Run 400m Between Rounds

Rest 5 Minutes

40-30-20 Wall Ball Cal Row *Run 400m Between Rounds