270116 "The Opens are coming.."

Today will be the first of many posts that will be encouraging you...nay... insisting that... you sign up for the 2016 Opens. This is a worldwide 'community gathering' which takes place over the course of 5 weeks beginning Feb 26th. I have been training you to be unstoppable, determined, healthy, informed, and excited about fitness for the past many months. This is why we have been hitting it hard. To prove our fitness, to prove it to ourselves and the rest of the world. There is competition for the gun-ho folks like myself and there is fun and challenge for everyone!

This is my super bowl. These 5 weeks are exciting and very interactive. My goal is to also bring the Kauai CrossFit Community together and have us do mini Throwdowns at each others gyms! I love the opens. I love CrossFit. You do to.. So go to games.crossfit.com and sign up. The fun begins in just a couple weeks!

[embed]https://youtu.be/gpuyaQYyujs[/embed] Baseline:

Rotator Cuff Prep and Mobility. Pulling Prep.

5-10-15-10-5 Single Leg Jump/Single Unders/ Double Unders

Midline Mania:

3 Rounds For Quality 12 GHDSU 10 Windmill "L" 12 GHDHE 10 Windmill "R"


10 Rounds For Time

1 Legless (3 rope Lowers/2 Rope Climbs with legs) 11 Burpee 22 Double Unders