280716 "Positivity is infectious"

If you don't have hope in the process then you are really screwed. Positivity, Hope and Faith drive change. These critical beliefs drive passion. Today in our society where everything negative is right at the end of our fingertip, it is refreshing to be reminded of this sometimes.

Tonight I watched President Obama deliver an eloquent speech about not only the present state of our union but also gave the American public a cliff notes version of the past 8 years. Now I must say that the past eight years has been a series of ups and downs... especially as a parent, business owner and American. Triumphs and Tears but we have all endured with HOPE.

Hope was the message tonight and I felt it relevant to our daily struggles in the gym and in bettering our lives. Hope and dogged perseverance are what keep us getting up each day and striving to be the best we can be for ourselves, our families and our community. President Obama reminded us of that tonight.

Faith is rooted in hope for a better future. Faith in religion, faith in our tomorrow is truly what it is because we hold dear the thought that nothing of this world can break the positive course of things. You and I hold this dear in our own lives and we would be lost without it.

Despite Politics, despite petty differences and disagreements; we are United and Driven but the Positivity we can see in this world. Negative thoughts get us nowhere and hold us back from progress. So I challenge you to Keep the Faith, Keep the Positivity and infect others with a bright future.. WE are all in this together.

HERE is the speech.


ROM Dynamic Warm Up

3X 30 Mountain Climbers 15 DB Press 15 DB Row


Strict Press 5X 5 @60%

WOD: For Time 30 Strict HSPU

3 Rounds of "DT" -12 Deadlift 155/105 -9 Hang Power Clean -6 Jerks

30 Chest To bar Pull Ups