281015 "What is Zone dieting?"

IMG_2969 When you give it all to a partner workout, the carnage is inspiring!

'The Zone'

Let me put a disclaimer on this 'Diet', as it really isn't much of one at all. Like the Paleo 'Diet' it is really a lifestyle change and you all know

just how much i despise people going on 'diets'.

At its heart, the Zone lifestyle is one where hormonal control is the goal. If you can control your hormones you can control your body. Genius right. Well for many people who beleive that aesthetics is really only skin deep; the reality of hormone control can blow their minds. In truth, your metabolism is in direct harmony with the different hormones that your organs and brain secrete.

Weight loss, fat loss, inch loss, whatever you are doing it for... The zone can help you through its direct measurement system. The trouble with it is, it takes work. Mosty people shy away from this life because not only does it involve smart food choices but after you spend the time buying the food, then you have to cook it, weigh it, measure it. After you do this a couple times you get the hang of it but if you just like to shove shit into your face without regard.... you may be in for a bit of discomfort at the start.

The Zone Lifestyle works off a block system for measuring your meals throughout the day. It goes something like this,

7 grams of protein = 1 block. 14 grams = 2 blocks. 21 grams = 3 blocks.

9 grams of carbs = 1 block. 18 grams = 2 blocks. 27 grams = 3 blocks.

1.5 grams of fat = 1 block. 3 grams = 2 blocks. 4.5 grams = 3 blocks.

Now the method is in putting the blocks of the macros together and forming a meal out of it. You shouldn't roll through your day eating only blocks of carbs or proteins. there is a system. HERE is the link to the Zone website and it can answer many of your questions.

I bring this up once again to educate you on a way to easily manage food intake and allow for proper health while doing so. I absolutely hate when folks find some crazy short term bandaid without looking long term. Plan your lifestyle like you would plan for your kids college fund. The long View!


400m Run 5 Rounds of Cindy 400m Run

Strength and Skill Development:

Build to Heaviest for the day.

1) Snatch Grip Press *focus on perfect press position and shrugging up at lock out. Expect this to be quick as it is a strict press. Still, make sure you are getting 25-30 Reps 2) Snatch balance *Begin light and take what you learned from the press. Work on quick drop to the bottom, not a catch and slowly lowering yourself down. 3)Snatch *Here it is. We are going from the floor so put together what we have learned over the past few weeks. Smooth past the knee, then explosive, fluid extension. Remember to get as much height on the bar as possible before pulling under the bar.

Cool Down with 2:00 of handstand holds.