290616 "Support Tandem Surfing!!!"

Our resident World Champion , Kalani Vierra is about to shove off for France!! Thats right, He and his partner Krystl are heading overseas to dominate and represent kauai! The expenses for this type of trip are pretty daunting. The pair is raising money for their trip and we should all pitch in to help a friend who is following their passion.

HERE is a link to the Puka Surf Co. fundraiser site. There are multiple ways to donate, you can even get a special edition Tandem Surfing shirt!


Rotator Cuff Drillz

3X 12 Banded Press 10 Banded Pull Aparts 8 Dive-bomber Push Ups W/ :05 extension pause

Skill Development:

Against a 22 Minute Clock,

You have 10 minutes to find your 1 Rm Strict Press *begin @ 50% of previous and add 5-10 # per attempt.

@10 Minute mark,

You have 12 Minutes to find you 1 Rm Push Press. *begin at 1Rm Strict press weight, NO REDIP suckas!!


3x 1 Minute of DB Floor Press (heavy) 1 Minute Toes To bar 1 Minute Hip Extension 1 Minute Rest