Dips + Partner DB and Barbell workout 10/1/19


Dip = the upper body squat

 We will be using dips as our upper body strength for the next 6 weeks. Knowing that now, please scale appropriately either working towards an unassisted dip or even a weighted dip.

 Today's workout is all about volume and virtuosity of movement. Most people can do a set of 10 DL at light weight but can you keep your form for 5-10 sets while breathing hard and having a partner to motivate you. Same with The Hang Power Clean or Push Press. One set of 10 isn't bad, but being able to maintain form and speed with minimal rest is what will really start to get you the results you are looking for. Weights shouldn't be too heavy for you, your vibe should be practicing your cycling of reps while keeping pace with partner.


E2M x 6 Sets

 5-10 Dips + 5 Hand Release Push ups + 20 Mt Climber Crunch

(Building in weight or difficulty of Dip if can)


Partner Workout

Double AMRAP ( 17min total)

Both athletes work at same time 

7min AMRAP

Partner 1- 10 DB Plank Rows 35/20

Partner 2- 10 Deadlifts 95/65

( once both partners are done with exercise then they switch)

 Rest 3 Min

7min AMRAP

Partner 1- 10 DB Push Press 35/20

Partner 2- 10 Hang Power cleans 95/65

( once both partners are done with exercise then they switch)



  • Sub for KB Deadlifts

H.Power Clean

  • Sub KB Swings



Juan Carlos Gonzalez