HSPU/ T2B EMOM 10/2/19


Practice Practice Practice!

 HandStand Push Ups and Toes to bar are almost guaranteed to be in The Open this year, use this workout as an opportunity to practice and give yourself an honest assessment of your fitness and technique skills are at.

 We have had some tough workouts, think of this as active recovery if you feel good, feel free to send it!


 HSPU/ Toes to Bar or Rings assessment

 Take 10 min to establish your scaling and or practice your progressions


EMOM x 20 Min 

Min 1 - Toes to Rings or Bar or GHD

MIn 2 - Strict HandStand Push Up

Min 3 - Row or Bike

Min 4 - Recovery Air Squats



T2B or ring or GHD

  • Hanging knee raise

  • Reverse crunch, tuck sit up, sprinter sit up


  • 2 wall walks

  • Box HSPU

  • :20 sec handstand hold

  • :45 sec plank

  • Or increase difficulty by doing a deficit 

Juan Carlos Gonzalez