Thruster + Double-under 10/3/19



One of the best workouts ever!

 This workout test strength, conditioning, agility , coordination and heart. Just finishing this workout in under 18min is awesome. The first couple rounds of this workout aren't bad but, as the fatigue sets in the real test is maintaining your form as you get deeper into the workout. Mindset should still definitely be practice. Don't pick up the bar till you know you can get all 9 reps and stay calm don't get sloppy during those double unders, and if things are going great really close out last couple rounds with a sense of urgency.

Under 13min = fitness!


E2M x 4 Sets

 3 Thrusters 

  • Building in weight a

  • Practice cycling reps


!!18 min Hard Cap!!

10 Rounds for Time:

9 Thrusters 95/65

35 double unders




  • Lower weight or front squat w/ DB or Barbell


Double under

  • 10-20 reps depending on skill level

  • Assault Bike 9/7 cals for workout + 4 Min of double unders practice after workout is done.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez