Lunges + Partner Leg day AMRAP 10/7/19


Front Rack Lunge Cycle Continues!

 Hopefully you are getting more confident with this exercise. Lets try and go heavier than last week. If this is your first time, big focus of this exercise is developing earning some time under tension in the front rack w/ barbell. Do you best to keep full grip on the bar!

 Reinforcing this leg day with a fun partner workout. 1 person works at a time, always alternating every ten reps, have fun pushing the pace with each other and keep reps clean and keep wall balls unbroken. We are 100% sure the wall ball will be in The Open. Practice Practice Practice that virtuocity. 

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 E2m x 5 Sets

6 Front Rack Reverse Lunge 


15 Squat Jacks


You Go, I Go 

20min AMRAP:

w/ a partner alternating every ten reps

 20 Cal Bike/Row

80 Wall Ball 20/14

20 Cal Bike/Row

80 Box Jump 24’’/20’’

20 Cal Bike/Row

80 Wall Ball 20/14

20 Cal Bike/Row

80 Pull Up


FR Reveres Lunges

  • Bulgarian split squat

  • Step up

Squat jack

  • Air squat

Box Jump 

  • Step up

Wall Ball & G2OH 

  • Lower weight

Juan Carlos Gonzalez