Cardio + Abs + Holds 10/8/19


  Can you get the work done in time?!

 A huge indicator of your health is your work capacity = how much can you do in a set time . Today you test how quickly can you get some work done in under 6min. However quickly you can finish each round is rewarded with rest. New round begins at the top of every 6min with or without you.  Score each round as an individual time. Transitions are key and you gotta hustle. 

 You know how much we love the concept, TIME UNDER TENSION! You only get 3min rest inside the ten min window to get your hold accumulations done during today's finisher. Once you start a hold you can not move on to the next until it is complete. Ok to rest in between but just make sure you get hold done before time expires.


Every 6 Min x 4 Rounds ( 24 Min Workout)

200m run

12 American KB Swings 52/35

24 Double Unders

200m Run

12 American KB Swings 52/35

24 Sprinter Sit Up

Score = individually timed rounds

 Once all reps are complete for round athlete can rest until the beginning of next round.



  • 225m row

  • 8 Cal Bike

Double under

  • 24 Plate hop to 45

  • 36 Single unders



On a 12 Min Clock:


3 Min :  Wall Sit 

3 MIn : Plank Hold

1 min : Chin over the Bar Hold

Can complete in any order, must finish one before moving on to the next hold.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez