Partner Dumbbell / Barbell DAMRAP + Dips 10/9/19


Today we start with a light weight workout using both DB and BBs, really focus on form and finding rhythm during exercise sets while keeping pace with your partner. Keeping each other accountable for post workout strength session.

 You will notice a lot of athlete options, this is just meant to let you have fun and be creative with your workout. Choose which option you enjoy most that lets you move well without mobility discomfort or use this time to practice the exercises you should be working on.  Learning cycling at light loads prepares you for when it's time to do them heavy. You don't just wake up strong one day.

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(Once both partners work a finish exercise they switch)

7 Min:

Partner 1 :  10 Dumbbell Muscle Clean 35/20

Partner 2 :  12 Empty Bar Squat ( athletes choice)

  • OverHead Squat

  • Front Squat 

  • Back Squat

3 Min Rest


Partner 1: 8 DB Burpee + Push Up 35/20

Partner 2: 12 Empty Skill Cycle ( Athletes Choice)

  • Thruster

  • Squat Clean

  • Squat Snatch


E2M x 5 Sets

4-10 Dips ( Athletes Choice)

  • Bar Dip

  • Ring Dip

  • Box Dip

  • Parallette Dip

  • Weighted Dip


5 Hand Release Push Up


8-15 Hollow Rocks


DB Muscle Clean

  • Lower weight

DB Burpee + Push UP

  • No Push Up

  • DB Up Down

Hollow Rocks

  • Hollow Hold

  • Tuck Hold

Rory Zambard