Gymnastics & Cleans 7/10/19


For Time

** 18 Min Cap**

Cash IN

400m run

 3 Rounds for time

7 Strict Pull up

14 Cal Bike 

7 Toes to Bar


100 Walking Lunges


Pull ups must be unbroken for RX

Toes to Bar for RX


Pull up - banded, jumping 

Toe 2 Bar - knee raises, tuck sit up w/ plate

Run- 500m row

Lunges - Step up or air squat



EMOM x 10 min 

2 Squat Clean

*building in weight**


Must complete 2 Successful rounds Before going up in weights



Cardio + Gymnastic to start off our session.

Strict Pull ups are a huge indicator of strength. The Better your strict pull up gets the better your kipping everything else gets. To earn an RX today must do the Gymnastic unbroken. Time under tension is key to your development and future results. Even when scaling, picking an option that allows you to go unbroken is what we are looking for. A lot of achieving this is mine set. Push your self to no give up on last rep/ also learning to fight for reps.

Squats cleans today for strength, low reps but want you to build in weight, Squat cleans are a great exercise to develop you squat and explosiveness. The Goal today is no miss lifts, if you end up PRing then that the icing on the cake.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez