Sweaty Medball Cleans + TEMPO Front Squat 7/15/19


15 Min AMRAP

 20 Med Ball Cleans 20/14

20 Box Jumps 24/20

400m Run



Coaches Challenge

Touch n Go on Medball Cleans = RX



Steps ups for Box Jumps or 15 Cal Bike

Sub run w/ Row 500m or Bike 30 Cal



Tempo Pause Front Squat


 3 sec down

3 sec Hold in bottom

Explode up



 Mondays = Squats

 Toody’s focus is definitely our tempo squats. Tempo and pause squats are awesome because they can get you super strong without having to go so heavy, while also giving you an opportunity to spend quality time in your squat positions.( front rack and bottom) The more awareness you have during your squat will really help out when you want to go heavy on future front squats and cleans.  

 UHTR is coming up quick, going to see a little more running in our workouts, so challenge yourself by pushing the runs! Medball cleans may see easy but they get real spicy with you go for 20 in a row. They will make box jumps harder, make sure you focus and always get both feet on the box. Go fast have fun and lets set the tempo for a good week!

Juan Carlos Gonzalez