Split Jerks + CNJ AMRAP 7/16/19


Split Jerk


 * building in weight

* athlete choice from Rack or floor


8min x AMRAP

8 Bar over Burpees

2 Clean N Split Jerks 185/155

 Coaches Challenge

Touch n go on CNJ for RX+


CNJ scale Load 


 Boulder Shoulders

 Today we take some time reviewing and working on our spilt jerk. If you have never done split jerks, you are in for a real treat. At first it may seem intimidating, but this is such a fun exercise once you get the hang of it. This is also the most efficient way to get lots of weight up and over your head. Really pay attention in class b/c its all about your dip and leg drive that gets the weight moving. We call this core to extremity, using our big muscles to help our little muscles out.

 Finishing off todays session with a quick and heavy AMRAP. 8 min will go by fast its up to you to move through those burpees and have some fun with a heavy barbell. Of course we all like lifting heavy, but can you do it and keep your split jerk technique while breathing hard. Show up to class and find out!

P.S Touch N Go the Clean N Jerks every Round for an RX+

Juan Carlos Gonzalez