Benchmark CINDY 7/17/19


 Benchmark workouts = Looking in the mirror

 CrossFit is a performance based program. Benchmark workouts our how we look in the mirror. One of the best ways and is also scientific proof that you are getting fitter when you repeat workouts and improve your score. Workouts like “ Cindy” are known in the CrossFit World and can tell you a lot about someone’s fitness just by knowing how many rounds of Cindy they can do.

 If this is your first time, give it an honest effort, keep your rep standards high, don’t cheat reps. In the future you will just be comparing against yourself and it’s such a great feeling when you put the work in the gym and PR your score. Don’t rob yourself of this opportunity.

 We coaches have identified 18 rounds as excellent mark of health. If you can not RX this workout, please modify it so that 18 rounds is possible with modifications. Intensity = results , we are firm believers that you can prove to yourself that you are capable of the volume of 18 round in 20 min, altho its scaled, and you get stronger in so many ways simply by getting your body to put forth that type of effort.

 If you have already have a score of 20+ rounds on cindy feel free to do it with a vest! Have fun and try hard!



20 Min x AMRAP

5 Pull Ups

10 Push UP

15 Air Squats

 Coaches Challenge:

Get 18 Rounds!


Do it w/ weight Vest


Pull ups- Jumping, banded, ring rows, australian 

Push Ups- banded , elevated

Air Squats - 5 cals Bike


Juan Carlos Gonzalez