Active Recovery Holds 7/17/19


Today is all About Holds.

Static hold are essential to our physical & mental development. They provide instant feedback in what muscle we are weak in. When holding the top of the deadlift and overhead hold, really try and focus you body awareness to the areas of your body that feel stressed.

 Example : after 20 seconds of holds ask your self, 

  • Is my grip giving out? 

  • Our my shoulders on fire and or collapsing?

  • Is my core shaky?

  • Are my knees feeling like they are going to give out?

  • Is my mind giving up on me?

 The answers to these questions lies the answers to parts of your body you should focus on in future workouts. Plus the mental grit you can develop through not quitting and forcing your body through an uncomfortable experience is priceless.

Don’t worry, if you do drop any of your holds during todays workout, you will have plenty of time to think about it while you row off your Coaches Challenge meters :)


10 min : Practicing Hand Stands w/a Partner

Help spot each other with

  • Wall Walks 

  • Hand Stands on a Box

  • Hand Stands against the wall

  • Free standing Hand Stands

  • Hand walks


EMOM x 10 Min

Min 1 - Bike 

Min 2- DeadLift Hold 135/95

 * 2 Min Rest

Min 1-  Row

Min 2 - Over Head Hold w/ Plate 55/35

 Coaches Challenge: 

If you drop DL or OH hold = 1000m Row per drop that is added up and done after Class


Only scaling will be weight of hold

Juan Carlos Gonzalez