Deadlift + Fitness 7/19/19


Deadlift = Health lift

Fun Fact! Greg Glassman Creator of CrossFit is a huge fan of Deadlift, and actually believes it should be called the “ Health Lift” instead. The benefits of deadlifts for our bodies is priceless and it's a shame they get such a bad reputation because of its gnarly name + the hand full of people that disregard technique when their ego is in the way ( because they want to lift a certain weight that they have done in the past) or going unbroken in workouts to get the fastest time in class. 

Don't be that person, use your core to keep your back in place and use you legs to execute lift.If you feel yourself “ fall apart” stop. Do them correctly and enjoy the feeling of strength development, do them wrong and suffer the consequences. Listen to your coaches.

Not looking for a PR on strength portion but finish your week with a heavy single you are proud of. Workout should be fun and enjoy the variety of exercises.


Within a 20min Time period



 * building in weight

* 60 sec plank in-between sets

Score = combined total weight of all 6 sets

( yes we know , we skipped the 4)


For Time

3 Rounds 

500m Row

20 DB Step Ups(  1 DB only 53/35 ) (24/20 inch height )

15 Toes to Bar

10 Deadlifts 185/125

Score = Time to complete

 Coaches Challenge

3 Burpee Penalty if you set DB down during set of Step up


Toes to bar

  • Reps ( to 5 or 10 if can do rx t2b)

  • Any hanging knee raise variation

  • Tuck sit up w/ 10lbs plate


  • Scale weight


Juan Carlos Gonzalez